You may watch our sermons on youtube!

**If you feel in your heart, and are able to donate or tithe through this quarantine,  there is a drop box located on the pillars by the church entrance, or feel free to send by mail, use the drop box by the entrance of the church, or use our new online giving portal.  You can find the giving portal here.

Emergency Cards - For your safety, you may fill out an emergency contact card, for the Safety Team to help you, your family, and emergency first responders, in the event of a medical emergency.  

Mailbox - If you'd like to have a mailbox in the church hallway to exchange greetings and invites, please contact the church office.

The Ark Preschool - Enrollment Packs are available now!  To learn how to save a spot in the class, email thearkpreschoolotsego@gmail.com ; see www.otsegocog.com/ark  or see www.facebook.com/TheArkPreschool/ChurchofGod


Giving Options - An offering plate is not passed during services. Envelopes are located on the two Pillars, in the Lobby, near the Sanctuary Entrance. Donation envelopes may be placed in baskets near the back of the sanctuary, or in the wooden lobby boxes attached to the bulletin pillars. There's an option to send electronic payments over our website www.otsegocog.com, or mail to P.O. Box 115, Otsego, MI  49078. Please remember to note how you would like the donation applied; and provide contact information to have donations tallied for the benefit of income tax records.


The Nursery - To use it, children must be under 3 and accompanied by an adult. Only one family is permitted in the nursery at a time. For an alternate room, please seek an usher.

Choir - 6:30 pm Tuesdays.


Prayer - 10:30 am Wednesdays.


Men's Study - 5:30 pm Wednesdays.


Theological Class - 5:30 pm Sundays.


Driver or Meal Volunteers - Please contact the church office if you can assist with a ride to a medical appointment, or provide a meal for two (no garlic/limited salt).