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Pastor Stephen Burrow

Lead/Teaching Pastor

   Pastor Steve has been active  in the ministry for more than twenty-five years, and the Pastor for Otsego Church of God since 2008. 

   Stephen Burrow moved to Allegan from Chicago in 1980 and received his first church in Decatur, where he served as Pastor for seven years.  After which, he did evangelistic work in several neighboring counties, preaching in other churches and helping build small group ministries.

   Later, he became the Pastor of another church for four more years, in Colon, until returning to evangelistic work.

   He felt the call again when the Church he was attending, the Otsego Church of God, had an opening for a new Pastor.  He submitted his resume and made a smooth transition from member to Pastor.  He says "I was looking to return to a church, you go where you feel led to go and I stayed there".     

   He and his wife Leslie live in Allegan and have four sons and several grandchildren.  In his free time, when not studying the word, Pastor likes to work out, invent new health smoothies, play guitar and spend time with his family.

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