Our Missions



Christian Neighbors is in the business of caring for some of our most vulnerable neighbors in need. Each month they provide food to over 500 people, including many children. Every year they provide over $100,000 in emergency financial assistance, keeping people in their homes and safe. The food and financial gifts of this community allow them to help so many households who might not find help elsewhere.



The Sellers family has adjusted to living in seven different countries on three continents, been exposed to several different languages, and various conditions of living from civil war to coup d'etats. In spite of people's view that missionaries suffer great deprivation, they feel very fortunate to have raised their children abroad for the numerous advantages it offers. The invaluable insights gained have helped them live in harmony with God's will for them in this world.



Forgotten Man Ministries brings together inmates, chaplains, and lay-workers in the study of God's word. Their primary purpose is evangelism and discipleship among inmates in Michigan County Jails.


Warner camp is an amazing place to encounter God outside of the church building. They strive to use their distinct environment to serve God, the church and the community, through life changing experiences and activities. The vision statement states they exist "to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” Eph. 4:12

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Renewed Hope strives to meet the needs of uninsured and under-insured adults living in Allegan County through providing medical, emotional, and spiritual care in a holistic environment by utilizing the skills of volunteer staff and medical personnel.  "Rejoice in HOPE, be patient in the suffering, persevere in prayer".
~ Romans 12:12

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