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At the Otsego Church of God we aspire to model the love of Jesus Christ, and teach the true             Word of God from the Bible, in order to lead people to God's saving grace.

Our Pastor,

Stephen Burrow

The Otsego Church of God is a growing community of imperfect people that seek to reflect God's perfect love. We try to follow the example of love that God has shown us by reaching out to hurting people just as He reached out to us.

Here you will find friendship, bible training that relates to your life, and opportunities to make a difference in your community.

Real community and Christ-like love must be experienced firsthand, so we look forward to greeting you at our ​Gathering this Sunday!

We Believe:​​​​​
  • the God of the Bible is real.
  • God made the Heavens and the Earth​
  • God sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, for our sins and imperfections; transforming and restoring us through the mercy and grace of God.​
If you would like more info, or to see the scriptures that our beliefs are based upon, CLICK HERE!
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