Fuel poverty

What is fuel poverty?

Higher heating bills for people in living in poverty can be a difficult challenge.  A household is said to be in fuel poverty when it's members cannot afford to keep adequately warm at a reasonable cost, given their income.  It means you cannot afford to keep your home safe and warm during the cold winter months.

Although fuel poverty is primarily associated with the elderly, it's also an increasing problem for families with young children.  Families, senior citizens, disabled, and low income veterans can often struggle to pay their heat and electric bills.

How can you help?

You can help us to keep our neighbors warm this heating season by sending your contribution to:


PO Box 53

Plainwell, Mi.   49080                                  (please memo on your check, Stop Fuel Poverty)

Otsego Church of God


112 Kalamazoo St.

Otsego, MI 49078


(269) 694-9481